The Margaux

Born in 1920. 66˝. Reborn in early 2015.

A 1920 Louisville Works “Standard” 66 inch roll top clawfoot tub. 

This tub screams ‘rock star' because it needs to be enjoyed with a glass of champagne and the full side of a favorite album. It is covered with gorgeous black Spectrum™ waterfall glass. Each piece is cut by hand and blade and fitted together individually in a mosaic pattern. Each side of this tub is slightly different. Both sides have been photographed to show the slight difference in patterns, so consider this when you think about installation. It is grouted in a dark grey which was mixed with two pounds of exquisite fine black glitter, so it sparkles in the sun. In some photos the grout looks lighter than it actually is. It is the color of grey flannel.  


*inquire about discounts to the trade

Plumbing fixtures not included.

Width: 30 inches
Length: 66 inches
Height: 26 inches
Drain: 2 inches
Plumbing:  Standard 3 3/8 inches on center

Inside: Never use hard, gritty cleansers inside your pristine new tub! Use a gentle cleanser. Never use scratchy sponges. NO STEEL WOOL. For best results, wipe down the inside of your tub after each use. 

Outside: Think of cleaning a fine piece of art or a diamond in a setting. Use a gentle chamois to clean glass or gentle glass cleaner. Glass can fog so use ventilation or crack a window and it will evaporate on its own. Dont rub the steam marks with a towel or your hands!

Some minor pitting of most antique claw feet has occurred and you can see the 'character' through the powder coating. .