The Chameleon

Born in 1910. 60˝. Reborn in late 2014

A fantasy bath tub of epic proportions, The chameleon can transform any space with its electrifying presence. It assumes the colors  of any design palette for your space and it reflects prisms and rainbows. The workmanship on this tub rivals nothing like you've ever seen before. Made with museum art -quality precision, there are over 1,000 pieces of hand cut and filed mirror. This tub took over 160 hours in mosaic alone. This one of a kind version is completely tiled underneath so it can be put on a painted platform, a patterned floor or have a brightly colored rug in front of it and it will mirror the colors. It's worthy of a focal point in any home. 

The original feet have been powder coated in a charcoal grey color and have the normal pitting (slight) from being 100 years old! The grout is a neutral dove grey. 


*Please inquire about discounts to the trade

Plumbing fixtures not included.

Width: 30 inches
Length: 60 inches
Height: 26 inches
Drain: 2 inches
Plumbing: 3 3/8 inches on center

Inside: Never use hard, gritty cleansers inside your pristine new tub! Use an extremely gentle cleanser. Never use scratchy sponges. NO STEEL WOOL.

* For best results, wipe down the inside of your tub after each use. 

Outside: Think of cleaning a fine piece of art or a diamond in a setting. Use a gentle chamois to clean mirror and you can shine the mirror up - stay away from fibrous rags that can catch on the edges. Isopropyl alcohol works best but glass cleaner is fine, too. Mirror can fog so use ventilation or crack a window and it will evaporate on it’s own. Don’t rub the steam marks with a towel or your hands! 

Some minor pitting of most antique claw feet has occurred and you can see the 'character' through the powder coating.