General Information

  • Claw feet are original. They have been sand blasted and powder coated by Portland Powder Coating, to restore them to nearly new condition. 
  • Tub interiors have been refinished by Stanley Avenue Tub Company in Vancouver WA.
  • Installation by a contractor or plumber is highly recommended. Floors are irregular. To get a tub to sit properly, adjustments to the claw feet might be necessary. 
  • Plumbing fixtures are not included

Shipping Information

  • Shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility. Tubs will be shipped via commercial overland shipping company. We will package, insure and ship the tub to your designated address or a local shipping hub in the event that the freight forwarder does not deliver to your address. It’s important to note that the item is extremely heavy (300-500 lbs.) and arrives on a pallet.  We also allow local pickup or client- arranged shipping. 

    Antique claw foot tub facts:
  • Authentic cast iron claw foot bathtubs were originally made with three coats of enamel which is very strong and easy to keep extremely clean. They were put in houses before there was indoor plumbing which is why they are cast iron because it keeps water hot 3 times longer than a regular fiberglass tub. This means you  need less water to take a long bath. A claw-foot tub can be installed in the center of a bathroom, within a windowed bay, aligned against a wall, or set diagonally across a corner. Before selecting a bathtub, know the location of the bathroom's water pipes and how much floor space is available for the bathtub, as well as the width of doorways, staircases, and hallways through which the tub will be carried. If you choose a cast-iron tub, you may need to beef up the bathroom floor to support its weight. Many homes are being remodeled to accommodate a bath tub into a master bedroom suite near the sleeping area or in a big window. Remember when you are designing your dream space that these original tubs are drilled on one side. It is very easy to control mold and mildew in a bathroom with a claw foot tub because they only touch the floor in four places. Dry rot is extremely common with built in tubs. 
  • When shopping for  a tub filler fitting (i.e.: fixture) , opt for one equipped with a handheld shower. If there is separate shower choose a shower head and a circular shower rod enclosure that can be attached and make sure everything matches. HAPPY SOAKING~~~~